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“I want to move people with my music. Whether they’re riding in their car, listening with their headphones or 
partying on the dance-floor, I want the listener to identify with what I’m writing or singing.” 
Los Angeles is home to singer, songwriter and instrumentalist B. Peace. He plays the guitar, the piano, and 
the six string bass; an R&B artist at his core. Growing up, B. Peace’s parents stressed the importance of education. He got his degree from Loyola Marymount University and even spent a year in law school. “I just didn’t see spending my life practicing law,” he recalls. “Because I was the noisemaker in the house growing up I had the drum guitars — keyboards, I picked up playing music by ear. I eventually learned how to read and write music and took the time to learn and perfect my passion. Music ultimately is what I wanted to do.” 
A turning point was when B. Peace had the opportunity to see superstar Michael Jackson 
perform, as a young boy. This is when he decided to leave his studies at law school and 
fully commit to his true passion. Other influences for B. Peace include contemporaries 
like Ryan Leslie and Raheem DeVaughn, to prized veterans like Brian McKnight, Al 
Green, Marvin Gaye, and Quincy Jones. For B. Peace composing music that is soulful, 
heart-felt and a mixture of the old and new is what’s important to him. In fact the name 
B. Peace originates from his style of doing things, his vocal style and his own sense of 
musicianship. There is an old-school flair and a sense of familiarity to what he does.  
Under the guidance of Singleton Entertainment Corp., B. Peace will be releasing his 
debut single “My Favorite” featuring Los Angeles rap artist, Joe Moses. The 
mesmerizing tune “My Favorite” is a song that combines sex appeal and an unmatched 
attraction to an esteem woman. The single will live on Peace’s upcoming EP titled 
“Cupcake & A Bottle” projected to be released early 2014. 

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